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Cleanliness Pledge

Mahatma Gandhi taught us to live for the country.
He freed 'Maa Bharati' by breaking the shackles of slavery.
Let us pledge to eradicate insanitation.
It would be a great service to Mother India.
I take the pledge that

I would devote 100 hours every year for fulfilling the pledge of cleanliness.

I would neither litter nor allow anyone to do so.

I would begin cleanliness with myself, my family, my area and my workplace.

We know that those countries are cleaner whose citizens do not litter.  So we would aware people of the cleanliness drive from village and street to street.

I would administer this pledge to 100 other persons, who would devote 100 hours every year for the cleanliness

Gandhiji's dream was not only of an independent India, but also that of a neat and clean Nation.  I would remain committed to it.

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